Really Pro


It is becoming widely accepted that people are healthier, happier and more productive when they are actively engaged in their communities. This may be through employment, volunteering, self-development and learning, charitable activity or simply being more aware of the key issues affecting their local area and the work being undertaken to address these issues.

We are committed to meaningful community and social activity and be responsible role models in our community. Our community activities aim to:

  • Actively promote through behaviours and communications to all employees, associates and volunteers the ethos of social inclusion and equal opportunities for all.
  • Actively promote the ethos of equality and diversity to employers, clients, suppliers and stakeholders we support, and to positively challenge discriminatory practices encountered.  
  • To ensure all employees, associates and volunteers are provided with sufficient training and development to support the aims of our quality systems and social responsibilities and policies that underpin our business and community activities.
  • To widen participation of under-represented groups within the services we provide and support services of other projects that encourage inclusion and ethical innovation.
  • To invest in the development of services that support and encourage social inclusion and remove barriers to social inclusion.