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If your School or Learning Centre is looking to inspire, engage, up skill and get results from either their pupils or parents via an effective use of PDG funds then maybe it’s time we had a chat, we might be able to offer something different that gets the results you are looking for.

Talk to us and let us help you ‘Make It Happen’ for your school.


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“The children were so inspired! A great programme for Year 5 & 6 pupils that was fun and curriculum focused”.
T.J. Stables
Family Liaison Officer
Neyland Community School 

“To see engagement,  determination, team work, & most importantly happy faces. Thank you all”.

Margaret Ridgeway 

Learning Coach 

Sir Thomas Picton School 

“A great PDG programme for our primary parents that was professional, curriculum focused and engaging”

Matthew Harries

Head Teacher

Fenton Primary School


Really Pro offers a range of PDG Interventions & Programmes for both Primary and Secondary Schools for:

  • FSM & LAC Pupils
  • FSM Parents as part of an integrated family learning plan

Our Primary School PDG programmes can be structured over a series of sessions during term time. Sessions are generally held onsite for parents to attend as part of an engagement agenda to increase parental connectivity to curriculum subjects and increase impact / gains for FSM children in these subjects:

  • Read Write Inc / Numicon / Letter Formation
  • Maths Matters
  • Digital App

To increase parental engagement we also build into PDG plans a range of short courses to build skills:

  • Food Safety
  • H&S
  • Customer Service

We can also offer primary schools 1-2-1 Learning Packages for:

  •  School Action Plus pupils


Our Secondary School PDG Programmes can be structured over a series of sessions during term time for days or weeks. Programmes can be delivered in sessions held on or offsite in:

Vocational Learning Subjects via our Inspired 2 Succeed Programme

  • Business & Enterprise
  • Construction & Outdoor Industry Skills
  • Digital Media + Creative Literacy + Skills
  • Rural & Land-based Learning
  • STEM for Girls

Outdoor & Industry Skilled Focused Learning Experiences via the STEP INTO INDUSTRY programme working with:

  • 100+ Employers across South West Wales
  • Skills sites across South West Wales

Engagement & Employability Programmes via our JOB POD:

  • Disengaged Learners
  • NEETs
  • School Action Plus
  • FSM / LAC Pupils

1-2-1 Learning Packages for:

  • FSM / LAC Pupils

Alternative Pupil Mentoring Programmes:

  • Behaviour Improvement
  • Leadership & Confidence

Our dynamic Inspired 2 Succeed programme for secondary schools are tailored to meet the needs of FSM/LAC pupils in groups of up to 12 pupils over sessions spanning 4-8 weeks.

The Inspired 2 Succeed programme is tailored to meet the needs of each group and aims to raise curriculum engagement and skills. The programme can comprise of:

  • Business & Enterprise Skills Interventions
  • Construction & Outdoor Industry Skills Interventions
  • Digital Media + Creative Literacy Skills Interventions
  • Rural & Land-based Learning Activities / Skills Interventions
  • STEM for Girls Activities / Skills Interventions

Outdoor & Industry Skilled Focused Learning Experiences:

  • With 100+ Employers
  • Offsite Skills Interventions

Sessions are devised to enable participants / pupils to develop the necessary skills to explore ideas, develop skills, work on their own and in a team, work with local businesses and entrepreneurial mentors, to gain relevant skills and an insight into the world of employment, self employment, business, and reconnect pupils with curriculum subjects to succeed.

Via the Inspired 2 Succeed programme we can integrate and facilitate employer / entrepreneur role model visits to offsite skills locations such as; Farms, Urban Growing Projects, Community Projects and over 100 Employment Sites.

Our Inspired 2 Succeed programmes can be delivered across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Powys, NPT and Swansea.

One of our high impact employability and work readiness programmes for secondary schools aptly called JOB POD is designed to innovatively support pupils to develop ‘real life and hands on’ employability skills to prepare them for the world of work. The JOBPOD can cater to groups of 8-10 pupils run over single sessions on PSE Days or a series of sessions over 4 weeks or 8 weeks as part of a PDG / Core Funded programme.

The team who run the JOB POD have a passion for helping young people realise their potential by working with them to show them how to:-

  • Prepare a career capsule profile
  • Research careers and develop a Career Action Plan
  • Register with Job Sites
  • Job Search
  • Develop a basic CV or Digital Video CV (available on 4-8 week programmes only)
  • Complete a job application
  • Develop interview skills

The POD comprises of 8 Ipads and a digital kit that can be brought into any educational environment or can run in an external setting.

The JOB POD sessions can be delivered across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Powys, NPT and Swansea.

Young people can benefit greatly from ‘real life’ industry exposure and experiences. Industry experiences are beneficial for pupils who excel or maybe do not excel in traditional curriculum subjects.

Our STEP INTO INDUSTRY programmes offers secondary schools pupils aged 11+ access to a range of ‘work taster experiences’ and exposure experiences in coordinated work focused activities in vocational subject areas such as construction, professional services, creative & media, STEM, tourism and hospitality.

We realise not all schools have the resources onsite or to hand so our STEP INTO INDUSTRY programmes can be delivered over sessions spanning 4-8 weeks.

For example our STEP INTO INDUSTRY creative and media programme delivered over 8 weeks offers pupils the opportunity to learn and develop Web Development skills, Branding & Marketing Skills in a ‘real world’ context by visiting Web & Media Agencies, working offsite and at the same time achieving a City & Guilds Level 2 Digital / Marketing Qualification.

We can STEP INTO INDUSTRY programmes in most subject areas across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Powys, NPT and Swansea.