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Forward thinking business owners want skilled, happy employees result in a workforce that performs well so when the going gets tough they perform to their optimum and are prepared to go the extra mile.

Managing performance isn’t about watching your employees like a ‘hawk’ and ‘barking’ orders but instead is about leading from the top and investing time into developing employee’s by using:

Staff Appraisals

Monthly Reviews

PDP’s – Personal Development Plans


Coaching & Mentoring

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Staff / employee appraisals are an essential tool that businesses use to identify an individual’s performance and is a two way process that formally records an employee’s performance over a set period, usually 6 months or a year. An appraisal is an ideal time to look at the development needs of each employee; and an opportunity to explore the future potential of each person, as well as looking at the current strengths, opportunities to grow and allowable weaknesses to address.

Staff appraisals should link to performance reviews and PDP – personal development that outlines all the training needs of each employee linked to performance outcomes connected to their job role or project.

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