Seeing the potential in people brings results

Seeing people achieve and gain confidence is a thrill for many but at Really Pro we are genuinely over the moon to have successfully achieved all outcomes under the
WCVA – Active Inclusion funded project we have been running called: Bounce Back, Realise Your Potential – supported by the European Social Fund, investing in Wales.

The Bounce Back project offers a range of support, skills and employment focused interventions designed to help individuals over the age of 25 who are economically inactive or long term unemployed to re-enter the employment market or to help them gain confidence to move towards healthier choices.

Working with over 110 participants to date Amy Banks – Support Worker said;
“We receive so many referrals of people on ESA and JSA and those who are not claiming any benefits and no situation is ever the same, so care and a good listening ear is required with a few tissues to hand as well.

It’s not easy feeling at a lose end when you well and with a good support network so imagine what it’s like having no job or poor health to contend with and having no support network? It’s tough, but many of the people we help on the project have those really hard circumstances to contend with. It’s not about pity it’s about being helpful and giving people dignity in a practical manner – we can’t always understand if we haven’t been in a particular situation but we can always show kindness and compassion. Our 1-2-1 support interventions have an effect and sometimes give people a listening ear or sounding board that can’t always be found in traditional projects and it’s this approach that makes us quite different.”

Results are always a part of a good project and Bounce Back has delivered results to date with over 10 people entering employment and being supported into self employment and over 93 people achieving a Level 1+2 accredited qualification via training sessions in 1-2-1, group and home based sessions.

Ron* a participant on the project is one of the projects success stories. After being released from prison and being on ESA Ron* felt lost as to what job he could pursue but after time with Amy and Kelly on the project team Ron* has now signed off his benefits and has registered for his UTR number and has a business plan he is putting into action for his fledgling enterprise. Commenting on his support he said;

“After being in prison I was at a cross roads, people aren’t forgiving or impartial which makes it hard to move on. When I was introduced by my Work Coach to the Bounce Back project I must say I was reticent and thought here we go again, but I was wrong! Amy, Kelly and Lisa were a breath of fresh air, they didn’t judge, weren’t interested in the past, they just concentrated on the future. I now have set up my business with their constant support and are off benefits. I would never have done this without them and can’t thank them enough. They really do care and their project name is exactly right – Bounce Back.”

Kelly Monroe – Project Manager for Bounce Back commented on why ESF Funding can make a difference; “In the past few months there has been talk about ESF funds and their value post Brexit. Whilst I have no political comments on this, our project has seen by working on the coal face the value that can be derived from such funds. Indeed as the government ponders where they invest their future funds, it may seem appealing to pour money into projects that build bridges and infrastructure – yet the very thing that keeps us as a nation together is our people and it social fabric.

Our ESF Funded project has seen over 10% of our participants re-enter employment, that will ultimately save the tax payer approximately over £100k in core budget funds which calculates at approx £10k per person in benefits which is a low aggregate. So the value in delivering such projects is evident by such savings. But as we all know it’s not just benefit funds it’s all the other supporting funds that can be saved by supporting people into sustainable employment, as well as the health and social benefits that come from moving people towards healthier choices. Bounce Back and the project team aims to continue our work with our community stakeholders and participants to see results no matter whether we have funding or not.

We just hope that in the future investments are made by the powers that be into projects like ours and others who want to make a difference and see people succeed, with bridges being built as well!”

If you would like to talk to us about the Bounce Back project or have a referral for us please contact our team on: or call: 0844 870 7568.