TASTING Success in West Wales

Local business consultants Landsker Business have successfully been delivering a community based project called – TASTE: Training And Skills Towards Employment across Pembrokeshire & Carmarthen as part of the Strand 1- Active Inclusion fund run by the WCVA supported by the European Social Fund.

The TASTE project has successfully been running since December 2015 to date, with Really Pro as project delivery partners providing support and training interventions for participants on the project.

Since the project began over 158 people have engaged with the project, with Really Pro training over 63% of participants in Level 1+ 2 courses in food and industry related subjects such as Food Hygiene, Allergy Awareness, Health & Safety and Customer Service.

Lea Halborg, Support Worker for TASTE commented on the projects outcomes and success stories in between a busy work schedule saying; “working on the ground with our participants is challenging but rewarding. It’s easy for people to think that the work we do is just about shuffling bits of paper around but that is certainly not the case on this project, I don’t get time to think, it’s all about the people.

“The work I do on the TASTE project has small impacts on the lives of people who are at the most vulnerable edge of society. People need kindness, confidence and support without judgements so they can move forwards, and the work I do under the TASTE project has seen successful outcomes which makes my work both enjoyable and rewarding.”

The TASTE project runs until the 30th April 2017 and is open for referrals until then. For more information on the TASTE project please contact Ashley Calvert on ashley@landkser.co.uk or call: 01994 240631